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getting dick fed in the mouth until he cums
when sucking dick,the man control the rhthym and speed and the receiver is simply eager and waiting.
by spiceyhothoney July 29, 2006
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When (preferably, a woman) goes and puts (preferably a man's) dick into her mouth and does that in cycles until you bust a nut.
Oh yeah,that girl was sucking (dick) that night.
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sucking dick iz when a male sticks his dick n da gurlz mouth and moves her moth back n fourth n useing her hand on the dick like jerking it off she does that only when she cant reach the rest of the dick so she does that.then when da male is abot 2 nut u skeet all ova her face!most gurlz dont know how 2 do it soo they practice!itz all right 2 suck a dick it really iz itz human nature!!!!
shit i had da best time ova da weekend i was sucking dick n i fucked like 8 people their 2!!!!
by ALFALPHA April 28, 2006
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