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The stage in a persons life where they just don't give a fuck about their future. The person who experiences this stage in life usually grows out of it when they get older. by that happens it's much more harder to get out of. Usually caused by self medication with the use of drugs or an undiagnosed mental illness or puberty.
She experienced "the stage" when she was seventeen. By the time she was grown up she realized the mistakes that she made in her past but was unable to dig her self out of the hole that she dug for herself.
by fckitallfckIT April 06, 2010
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The indecisive peeing stage in which you kind of have to pee, but not really.
Mercedes: I'm at the stage.
Micaela: Well you best go now, ho, cause we bout to roll over to the Acme.
by [...] October 25, 2007
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