Houston, TX's gangsta resident way to say 'Fo Sho' or 'Yeah'.
- You gotta hit this club with us mayne
- Already
by Thablkpanda September 19, 2005
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Short for "you already know." Used in Texas slang, it's an affirmation.
Pronounced: "aw reddy"
--That cat who said "already" ain't no word is buggin.
by TexasCherry November 28, 2005
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Ima get 22's on the Expedition...
Already cuz!
by Big Body February 25, 2003
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A way of agreement and/or a goodbye
Example 1
-A! nigga you leanin'?
by middlefinga March 8, 2006
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Street slang and another way or word to use to say you approve or agree with someone. Mostly used on the urban streets.
You: Bruh, I had fun at the party! It was off the chain, gotta have another one!
Me: Already!
by djpcbaaaby July 21, 2015
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A word that started in Dallas meaning;

"Thats right"
"That was tight"
"Good job"
You going to Beach Party? "Already"!!!!!!!

"Already", I just finshed my report.
by Dat_Boi_From_OakCliffTX April 28, 2006
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