Buy some already.
Buy some fucking mugs, tshirts, and magnets.

-Urban Dictionary
by S_Laughter April 5, 2010
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A phrase used to give a name to an anonymous, average person in any given situation.
My boss acts like he's really important, but really he's just some fucking guy.


Did you know you don't need any credentials to edit Wikipedia? You can just be some fucking guy.
by Nathan19 April 14, 2009
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A directive given to someone in anger or displeasure
oh, why don't you just eat some fuck, asshole!
by Woody Thomas August 4, 2007
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seek out your sexual desires with some random hoe. typically done in a bed. mount that bitch and fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, this also works quite well in bathrooms and in cars, sometimes you have to careful as police and pedophiles can track you from the smell of your cum, dark alleyways are also good by the way, but be careful as that's also where horny mice and other rodents can be.
I will get some fuck pls, In the arse pls
by November 27, 2017
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A way of saying ¨that is fucking stupid¨ or something is not pleasing or out right disgusting.
Person 1 : Mark said he gave a girl a rim job and it went wrong.
Person 2 : damn ¨thats some fuck shit right there¨
by richniggaisfriendless December 13, 2021
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the user needs some cigarettes from a person relatively close to them
gimmie some fucking ciggies cunt
by bigbrainbigwilly March 10, 2020
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