2 definitions by BIG TX Jon

adj. the stage of drunkeness usually occuring AFTER being knelt. usually occuring after that 11th or 12th shot of whatever liquor ur dumbass has been constantly sippin on all damn night thats stronger than 80 proof.
1: you was knelt last night wasn't you?....dumbass!
2: fuck that dawg i was so fuckin' slopped last night i don't remember leaving (or in my case a lot of the time) going TO the club!!!
by BIG TX Jon July 28, 2005
adj. the stage of drunkeness BEFORE you get to that level of being slopped. usually occuring after that 8th or 9th shot of whatever liquor you been sippin on that is harder than 80 proof.
1: whats up witcha? y'alls was FUCKED up last night huh?!
2: DAWG!--fuck that man i was so fuckin' knelt last night dawg u couldn't tell me where we went!
by BIG TX Jon July 28, 2005