1- Not wanted, usually used informally to insult.
We don't want you here, you are UNWANTED!
by www.bloodbanx.com March 17, 2005
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An Unwanted is a child who never gets adopted and has to leave the orphanage at 18 with no biological parent wanting them, and no desperate person unable to birth a child of their own wanting them either.

Unlike a homeless, an unwanted seeks love and affection, rather than spare change, yet both live off the land (streets in a city centre) and are without a home.... or love.
Jamie - 'Why is Jason Leaving the Orphanage?'

Mike - 'He's an unwanted, so now he's 18 he has to leave the orphanage on his own and live of the land.'
Jamie - 'Golly! I knew he wasn't loved by anyone but i never knew he was an unwanted!'
by TWC.TV March 17, 2017
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Feeling like your your not needed or not needed around
Go away Maue no one wants you

The puppy was unwanted by its owner
by _unknowngirl:( January 6, 2018
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1. When your sitting around in a non-intimate environment with your girlfriend and you get a random unwanted boner. Most of the time it has nothing to do with actually being horny which sucks even more... Good luck mate, just think of Dr. Phil's face for a whole 5 seconds and it'll help get rid of it..sometimes..Just pray you don't have to get up.

2. Somewhat of a related term known as morning wood when you wake up with a random ass boner usually needing to use the bathroom. Its quite a challenge if you have siblings, especially sisters as you have to somehow run to the bathroom (before they brush their hair for 45 minutes), hide the largest known erection known to man, and when you finally get to their your lucky if you don't piss all over the floor. Good luck again Dr. Phil's face....
1. I was with my girlfriend at her house and things started to go well then her parents got home and she grabbed my hand to introduce me to them. I had to quickly visualize Doctor Phil to get rid of my unwanted erection

2. Tom awaking not to just his alarm clock but to his raging morning wood rushed to the bathroom only to be beat by his sister right as his mother walked out of her room to see his unwanted erection. Thank God she was not wearing her contacts and thought it was just his "cell phone" in his "pocket" of his boxers. Tom then rolled down the stairs and pissed all over the down stairs bathroom
by CTU_FieldAgent200 June 28, 2011
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Slang term for something completely unintentional. For instance, accidentally setting up your friend for a gratuitous "that's what she said" joke. Can also refer to a gestating fetus that was not planned for.
Kari: Way too easy.

Gregor: That's what she said!

Kari: ...Okay, that was definitely an unwanted pregnancy right there.
by The Landyman February 19, 2010
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To threaten somebody with an Ass whoopin' or to treat badly.
Watch your mouth bitch or I will treat you like an Unwanted Stepchild.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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