I have three favorites they all go hand in hand.
by Pamella February 04, 2008
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a type of fighting or combat without weapons. The term does not preclude use of other body parts, like legs, knees, and elbows. It also doesn't require that the entire fight be stand-up combat or exclusive of ground combat, like grappling and wrestling.
Those two drunk fuckers got into some mean hand to hand combat back outside the bar.
by TheUrbanatorist2011 October 06, 2011
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A physical exchange of drugs for money or the crime associated with this act.
Van $tylez: What did you get locked up for back then?
AZ: Uhhhh, hand-to-hand.
by funk_soul_bubby July 06, 2012
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Committed to your soulmate, no matter what, United, showing of strength, 2 as one. To have true love.
Sarah and Justin are the definition of true love, they walk this earth hand in hand.
by Lucky man January 23, 2020
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The discreet exchange of two items, usually drugs and money, disguised as a handshake. usually followed by putting the hand that was used into ones pocket.
"Ill meet you out front. Its gonna be a quick hand n hand, I'm in a hurry."
by Dr. Todd Reezee March 06, 2009
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Hand over hand is term used to describe "choking a sucka". It is when you place one hand around a persons neck, then putting you other hand partially over that first hand and on the remaining part of the exposed neck.
Dude I'm about to hand over hand you if you keep talking about my girl that way!
by Jake da snake killa April 03, 2017
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When two women attempt to claw the other's eyes out, settling instead for the slapping of faces and pulling of hair, usually over a perceived insult or stolen man; typically confined to any TV show designed to condescend to women and thus reap huge ratings.
The words "bitch" and "whore" were screamed, soon followed by the inevitable hand-to-hand wombat.
by Monkey's Dad April 09, 2021
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