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Verb and or noun. Skinneay is when you are slightly or very obese. Meaning you think you are small and petite but in actuality you're a fat ass. Also; you have the ability to over eat and never stop, even if full. Skinneay ranges from all body sizes; it is not just people who are overwieght. It can be anyone.
An example would be Z-lo the arabic formation of J-lo. She is a size 18 and belives that she is petite. She no longer admits her true size and thinks that J-lo needs to watch out. Also a skinneay person could be my 120 pound cousin that eats 6 large cheeseburgers then downs it with a 2 liter of soda pop by her self.Then she asks what is for desert. She'll throw up but insist that she is still hungry. Yes these people are everywhere. Lock up your pantries; they are hungry
by LIz Westin June 30, 2005
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