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NYC people who migrate north to Quahog, RI to see the leaves in the fall.
New York and everyone from there can fornicate themselves with an iron stick.
by ss++ February 08, 2005
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A leafer is any American who travels north to see the leaves change colour. Also known as a wanna-be Canadian. Hogs your bars and parkig spots.
Check out that car load of leafers, look how happy they are that soon we will be freezing our ass's off.
by tommy bee August 22, 2006
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A tourist, mostly from urban and suburban areas, visiting rural places in the fall such as New England and Northeast Pennsylvania to see the leaves change color. They sometimes also visit in the summer, where they engage in white water rafting, biking, hiking, and water skiing.

They provide an economic boost for local businesses, but bring with them crowded bars and restaurants, heavy traffic, parking problems, and sometimes even crime. Some leafers are disrespectful to the local residents, labeling them as "rednecks" or "hicks."
"I went downtown to get pizza but I couldn't find a place to park because of all the leafers."
by schecter89 July 30, 2009
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People from New York who go to places like Quahog to see the leaves change.
by royland Douchebag November 12, 2003
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A bunny on a leaf. Originates from Final Fantasy VI on the SNES. Also known as Leaf Bunny in the Game Boy Advance port of the game.
The damn thing bit me. Freakin' Leafers.
*casts Fire*
by Durango August 23, 2007
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stupid poser kid trying to be cool who crumples leaves up and rolls them into paper, pretending to smoke a joint.
dude, josh is such a dumbass. doesn't he know smoking leaves leads to cancer?
by Phalkon October 31, 2004
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