ur built in best friend. the person who’s been there for u through everything. u look up to them, and can tell them anything. they have ur back and u have theirs. u love them more than anything in this world.
i have the best cousin in the world
by angelchapa August 26, 2019
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The anonymous, mysterious person who has done it, has it and seen it all.
Guy 1: "Yo, check out my new pimpin' Rolex"
Guy 2: "Doesn't matter, my cousin has one already."
by the donald March 31, 2006
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The daughter or son of your uncles and aunts.
Apparently, I can have an orgy legally with my cousins in Arkansas.
by sukebe September 19, 2004
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A word many native americans call eachother, it does not nesasrly mean they are related. Some of the native American beliefs say that the creator ceated us all, therefore we are all cousins.
Hey cousin, wuts up.
by Jeremiah January 16, 2005
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Cousin or cuz is used to describe a close friend or can be a reasonable substitute for a name that is unknown; Is also used as a greeting by members of the California based Crip gang.
"what up cousin" or "whats crackin cuz"
also see son
by R-kIVe July 22, 2005
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Your best friend. The one you call for all your problems. The one you can tell anything and absolutely everything to. Your bestie? She's more than that. She's your sister. She's the only one who will tell you your fat, or ugly, or smell bad. She's the only one who will tell you your boyfriends a jackass. She'll beat the crap out of anyone hating on you and you'll do the same for her. She's more than just family. She's your fucking life.
Person 1: "Who is your best friend?"
PErson 2: "My cousin obviously...
by holllaaa;) June 19, 2011
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