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i have been trapped in urban dictionary
i am running out of fresh water and i will most likely be dead by morning
send help asap

on the bright side im learning some new words
help this isnt a joke
by PintoBean2003 March 03, 2020
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if you looked this up, you've probably already seen the top definition from PintoBean2003. Why does everyone think he's joking? we have to help him he's not joking. Have we heard from him recently? Is he even still alive? Or are the secret overlords of the urban dictionary silencing us. If so, why? If you're voting, let this word in, please. And if you see it in the dictionary, the overlords must have overlooked this. We gotta help him
by General-Kenobi July 19, 2020
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Something that a lot of us need but most of us don't/ can't get.
"I need help"

"Too bad it doesn't exist"
by Justanotherstrangeronline February 13, 2019
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What desperate wives and mothers type into their search engine at 1 AM.
He is snoring again, his incessant chewing wasn’t enough now he’s snoring! The kids are pounding on the floors above, and the little one has screamed she hates me for the umpteenth time... help internet friends please help I’m waving my white flag
by Kitkat72 July 30, 2018
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A mythical being that will magically appear and render assistance. No one knows what help looks like as no one has ever seen it. I think it isn't fair to blame help for promises that other people make, and help can't keep.
That cabinet looks to big and heavy to move by myself, don't worry you'll have help. I'm not qualified to do this job, don't worry you'll have help. I don't have enough time for this project, don't worry you'll have help.
by knowman March 11, 2008
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we all need it
Urbandictonairy is infiltraded with s** and we all need help
via giphy
by Random info for you April 12, 2021
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