A gat, peice, heat, or any kind of handgun.
You better watch how you step or you'll get this iron to your mind.
by Jason April 13, 2004

1. a pistol or other firearm

2. the weights used by weightlifters
The guy had an iron and he paid the price for misusing it.
by The Return of Light Joker February 10, 2008
homosexual - from rhyming slang (iron hoof/poof)
john is an iron, he is attracted to men
by barb November 2, 2003
He looks like a fucking iron (quoted by Sammy from the film The Business)
by the bald one July 15, 2010
The fundamental SI unit of irony. Abbreviated as I; all metric prefixes apply.
Blatantly hate-mongering televangelist dies of AIDS; that rates about 2.5 kI on the ironometer.
by voidlore August 22, 2005
That mean-lookin' bloke over there with the leather and the beard? Iron as Tinkie-Winkie.
by Witness10mm July 13, 2005
"The iron was slack."
by noixz January 15, 2009