(n) a fine affordable beverage, not found at dinner parties, will get you trashed for $3
by kno'it al September 12, 2003
the drunkest you can get for $3.
let's see. i can get a mickey of vodka, or 5 litres of schlitz...i gotta take the schlitz!
by Drama_King January 27, 2009
v. schlitz, schlitzed, schlitz·ing

1. The act of consuming a beer -- (more specifically a cheap one)-- through one's anus to maximize drunken impairment.
2. The use of any type of apparatus to allow beer/alcohol to easily enter ones butthole in lieu of consuming said alcohol orally.
Craig: Dude, we only got one beer left, and two of us.
Jon: Schlitz?
Craig: Schlitz.

Brian: Oh man, what happened last night? . . . my ass is on fire.
Ernie: First off, I don't know you... second, sounds like you manned-up and schlizted.

Mike: Where is everyone? Well, I guess it's time to start solo-schlitzing again.
by jkiller October 24, 2008
A state of uncontrolable bowel movements often after particpating in a long athletic event
My ass was so dirty, I had the shlitz for three days after that damn marathon!
by Aaron L January 30, 2005
To breath and spit.
The retarded kid schlitzed all over me when he was speaking.
by Jake March 30, 2003
Drunk on cheap beer, such as Schlitz.
Your mom and I got schlitzed last night at my place.
by Anomaly July 1, 2005
To get wasted (drunk, or pissed if you're from England).
I don't know how I woke up in a rubbish bin, I must have been totally schlitzed last night.
by Chris August 29, 2003