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(n) a fine affordable beverage, not found at dinner parties, will get you trashed for $3
by kno'it al September 11, 2003
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the drunkest you can get for $3.
let's see. i can get a mickey of vodka, or 5 litres of schlitz...i gotta take the schlitz!
by Drama_King January 26, 2009
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n. A hilariously named beer originally brewed in Milwaukee by Joseph Schlitz.

It can (and will) get you drunk for a reasonable price. It tastes decent which has no connection to its funny name. It has experienced a recent revival due to the comeback of old school beers.

Its really not that bad at all, even though its from Milwaukee. Its better than Milwaukee's Best...which doesn't make sense and isn't very good. And its older than Old Milwaukee, which doesn't make sense either and also doesn't taste very good.

Naturally, any Schlitz will taste like Schlitz. Its not a light beer so you can still feel manly with some Schlitz in your hand. If you decide to take a Schlitz, make sure you share your Schlitz with others.
Chad: Yo man, pass me one of em brewskis, bro.
Brendan: No problem chief!
Chad: Ah jeez, this beer is Grolsch, dude!
Brendan: First of all, its not that bad, and second of all its Schlitz!
Chad: Ahhh, no wonder this beer tastes like Schlitz!
by applejack42 February 12, 2010
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v. schlitz, schlitzed, schlitz·ing

1. The act of consuming a beer -- (more specifically a cheap one)-- through one's anus to maximize drunken impairment.
2. The use of any type of apparatus to allow beer/alcohol to easily enter ones butthole in lieu of consuming said alcohol orally.
Craig: Dude, we only got one beer left, and two of us.
Jon: Schlitz?
Craig: Schlitz.

Brian: Oh man, what happened last night? . . . my ass is on fire.
Ernie: First off, I don't know you... second, sounds like you manned-up and schlizted.

Mike: Where is everyone? Well, I guess it's time to start solo-schlitzing again.
by jkiller October 24, 2008
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A fine brew from the 1960's that is currently experiencing a return to popularity, though the recipe is not the same as the '60's era it is marketed as "Schlitz".
Patron: "Gimme 6 Schlitz's"
Barman: "We dont have Schlitz"
Patron: "Whatever's free!"
by Lanfill January 30, 2011
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The creation of a new orifice in a person's body, followed by intercourse with the incision.
Don't fall asleep at that party, those dudes will totally schlitz you.
by octopusofthesea November 08, 2010
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