the state of having a physical or mental condition which means that part of your body or brain does not work correctly; a particular condition of this sort
impairment of the functions of the kidney
by KemalAtaturk January 30, 2011
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Lingo impaired
To be limited in your ability or to be completely unable to speak, understand or write in the linguistic stylings of other peoples and cultures.
To be ebonically handicapped is to be lingo impaired.
by Dragonlady58 December 12, 2020
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Describes the state of a person cannot learn to speak, read, or write or understand the Ebonics Language.
Patient: Dr. Crakerjack when I find myself traversing through the underserved areas of our fair city I find myself unable to understand or to verbally communicate with the natives indicative to these communities.

Doctor: Whitey don't be alarmed, Perhaps it is nothing, but I suspect you might be EBONICALLY IMPAIRED. Let's get you checked into the hospital and run some test though before we panic.
by Dragonlady58 December 6, 2020
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someone that has NO CLUE on how to use technology, such as computers, cell phones, ipods, mp3s.
Meh: Did you see her in the computer lab today?
You: Yeah! She was totally technologically impaired!
by Hyperr Haliee February 24, 2009
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A person who has great trouble SMS messaging. These people typically think texting is either stupid or do not do it enough to be very good at it. An SMS response from a textually impaired person typically takes a long time to receive, even if the message is simply 'yes' or 'no'.
(Sent in a text message) 'You can call me if you're that textually impaired.'

"I only call my parents because they're textually impaired."
by Commander Awesome November 23, 2007
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A lack of interest in ordinary socially acceptable situations involving groups of unlike-minded people which results in an inability to effectively converse with those same unlike-minded people.

The Socially Impaired have fun on a more personal level. Our enjoyment comes from groups of like-minded people conversing and interacting with eachother in familiar places. The Socially Acceptable often herd to bars and clubs for their fun with mostly strangers.
Socially Impaired Bob stayed at home with his two best friends playing video games, watching movies, drinking beer and eating pizza instead of going to the club with Socially Acceptable Mary. They both had fun, but Mary accused Bob of not knowing how to have fun because what Bob did is not the Socially Acceptable form of fun.
by Ryan Jaxx October 30, 2007
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