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Drunk, under the influence of alcohol. Usually to a large extent. Unable to think correctly, move correctly, or act normaly because of the influence of the alcohol.
Trashed after the party, she just barely made it up the stairs only to puke at the top.

He was trashed after one case of cheap beer.
by In My Own World June 14, 2003
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An extreme form of trashed, reserved solely for situations in which you have no control over your vocabulary or verbal actions. Usually has consumed at least 3 doubles at the point of usage.
oh my god guys, I am so trash-ed!
by gerdith October 20, 2008
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A slang expression to express that your gonna get soo thrashed/drunk.

"Im gonna get so T-rashed..ima have a rash in the form of a T on my chest"
by Don Stefano April 18, 2006
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Synonyms: loaded, drunk, hosed,fucked, gooned

To be under the influence of EtOH, better known as ethyl alcohol, the drinking alcohol.
After going to the party, we were all so trashed because of drinking a bubba each, we decided to sleep in the street.
by Matthew Wiebe December 12, 2003
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being so drunk that you feel it necessary to split your words up with a hyphen.
dude, i am soo fucking t-rashed! lets go do a beer bong.
by ojpimpjuice69 December 08, 2008
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