A meme that is popular on the internet. But nobody really knows why.
Joe: me when
Mark: LOL
by beep bo bi bi bi April 6, 2021
the one line you say when you think you're funny
Guy 1: me when
Guy 2: dont do it, you unfunny retard
Guy 1: me when im called a retard:
Guy 2: ...
by ofrfr October 12, 2020
the ultimate saying for when you don't know what to say or when you just want to say it for fun.
Person A: Hey look at that dog!
Person B: Me when the
Person A: What?
Person B: ME when the the when the me.
by poopoopeepeegirl October 5, 2020
Timmy: Me when the
Jenny: wdym?
Timmy: its me when the when the
Jenny: what does that mean though?
Timmy: are you deaf? its me when the
by mr.yeetman August 12, 2020