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One who is shit-faced on cheap booze, such as Schlitz beer.
The girl at Snake and Jake's was so schlitz-faced that she fell off her barstool without provocation.
by Anomaly June 27, 2005
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The state of being shit-faced on cheap beer, such as Schlitz.
Some girl at Snake's last night got so schlitz-faced that she fell off her barstool and spontaneously combusted.
by Anomaly July 04, 2005
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1. One of the most clueless, non-smart people in the world, His unexplainable actions and obsession with running is unparalleled.

2. Penis. See Synonyms: Peter, John.
"Dossin just shit his pants"

"Just grab my Dossin once, please?"
by Anomaly December 07, 2003
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To give someone a gift that you got for free (usually without telling them that it cost you nothing).
Ah, Nancy, you freegifted that necklace!
by Anomaly January 14, 2007
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