16 definitions by Anomaly

A neighbor who is too eager to make friends. AKA: "Nuber"
Is Dick's uber neighbor trying to get him to go to a bible study again?
by Anomaly December 11, 2005
Someone who's been in graduate school way too long.
Whose that creepy guy who constantly hits on undergrads during office hours?

Oh, that's Josh, he's an ubergrad.
by Anomaly May 21, 2008
To give someone a gift that you got for free (usually without telling them that it cost you nothing).
Ah, Nancy, you freegifted that necklace!
by Anomaly January 15, 2007
An awkward, lame beach-goer.
A poser who tries to look like he surfs or swims, yet flails around in a helpless panic when he gets in the water.
by Anomaly February 20, 2005