A small 375ml bottle of liquor. Primarily a Canadian term.
"I chugged a mickey of malibu and my face tingles"
by crappo August 8, 2005
Tour guide: "Here at Walt Disney World we have the largest erect Mickey in the world"
Irish tourists: <five minutes of childish sniggering>
by SunburnForTheMasses July 14, 2013
Shortened form for a "mickey finn." Used to describe surepticiously slipping someone drugs, poison, laxative, etc. - usually in one's drink. Commonly believed to be named after notorious Chicago pickpocket, thief and bartender - Mickey Finn.
" He slipped her a mickey so he could get his date rape on."
by titmouse August 1, 2006
A small paper tab with an image of mickey mouse printed on it containing a hit of acid or LSD.
I knew he had slipped me a mickey when I started laughing hysterically. You were only supposed to take half a mickey! Someone slip me a mickey quick!
by tellall17 November 16, 2013
"Did you hear what she just said? She sure took the mickey out of him!"
by senna_trem May 31, 2005
An instigator. One who makes statements with no proof and then forces you to defend why you are not defined by the statement.
Damn, that mickey said you were cold-blooded.
by JChenLi June 12, 2009