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A famous rocker from the late 80's and early 90's. He was the guitarist and lead singer of Nirvana, along with Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic. He was also married to Courtney Love, who had a daughter named Frances Bean. In 1994, Kurt was found dead in his greenhouse over his garage, and his death still remains a mystery.
"Dude, my favorite band member in Nirvana Is Kurt Cobain!"
by Chris May 16, 2004
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Ph: Kraw-tch Bah'Lees

1. Small balls of sweat paste, lint or any multitude of non and pro bio-degradable materials one finds in their crotch. Indegenious to the male of the human species but not exclusive . See Fem = Clitty Litter

"She was wiling to go all the way until we discovered I had crotch ballies"
by Chris June 16, 2006
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Fired up, awaiting big thrill, stoked, ready to roll
I was amped for the upcoming X-Games
by Chris May 14, 2003
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To be quite intoxicated by drugs or alcohol.
I was so cased last night I couldn't drive home.
by Chris August 30, 2003
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An occurence most commonly experienced by the feeling of unrequited love, with the exception of it not being returned.

Generally speaking, it is a situation involving two friends, who spend an inexorbitant amount of time with each other, and over the years, one grows to love the other, while the opposites feeling stay plutonic. No pain compares, physical nor mental.

A relationship easily broken off is not truly that of a twisted heart. Twisted heart involves never being able to make a clean cut, whether that might involve the other person feeling just as strongly as you but without the same passion. Refer to just a friend
A loved B with all his heart, yet B could never truly return A's feelings. A can't cope with losing B, and thus stays in an inevitably horrifyingly painful situation.
by Chris August 7, 2004
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From the PC game Counter-Strike, where C1 will send a radio message 'Roger that'.

Now used in real life.
Geek 1: Man this new monitor rocks!

Geek 2: C1 on that.
by Chris January 8, 2004
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An Awesome Glitcher That Owns You All!
Darkstar Just Owned Me At Glitching.
by Chris October 24, 2004
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