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an alternative to masturbate
meaning to engage in self-pleasuring activities in order to reach climax
I'm going home to wackerbate

He went to the bathroom to wackerbate
by Chris February 14, 2005
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the hip hop bible telling how tupac was killed and how he will be resurrected later on as a rich white dude with mad bitches
I just finished the last chapter of the Bazizzle and I realized, that I must seek out Gizzle.
by Chris March 10, 2004
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Hot ass chick that is amazing in the sack. Also smart, sweet, and a one of a kind girl.
Boy would I love to find me a Paislea!
by Chris April 20, 2005
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having nothing good to say about a subject.
Used to usually end a convo.at the moment it is used.
1 aaa ya i was talkin amd a kid and lust randomly he starts on the topic of aids and i was like meerp.
by Chris March 25, 2005
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To be excessively drunk
I went out last night and got tanked
by Chris November 18, 2002
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·02:07 AM· (›ex0dus‹) it slides down your throat :D
by Chris December 12, 2004
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