Noun, Verb

1. Foot + Pound = Found, it’s a foot pound. Two or more people hit the bottom of their shoes/feet together in a congratulatory or celebratory manner. Also used as a substitution for the currently more well known “pound it”.

After making a game winning 3 pointer, LeBron and The Cavs shared a celebratory Found It!
by blewflamez13 January 2, 2009
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Past-tense... meaning you have discovered something new or lost. Such as a secret.
That bitch was hot till she took of her pants and I found her cock.

Mom found my playboys.

I was dating this girl for like 2 weeks, we didn't last long after I found out it was my girlfriend's brother dressed as a french whore.
by syst0lic July 13, 2003
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To be be caught doing something out of the ordinary yet continue to own it like a boss. In other words to just be a complete dope hard and not give a fuck
Hey did u see johnny's snap story

Yeah he was so fucked up
Lol when your found as fuck
by Katlin Zalomen November 16, 2016
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I founded my phone! She founded the place after she called to say she was losted.
by hopeykins June 23, 2008
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Where one losses their mind and finds freedom.
Stoner1: Wow check out that guy tripping balls. Hes Lost and Found.
Stoner2: Haha yeah, Looks like hes lost his mind!
Stoner1: But hes found freedom man, thats what lifes all about.
by Simpl1 March 25, 2011
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he gobbles glizzy at the speed of light. When holding your glizzy dont blink because oli will run from south pakistant and demolish your in 5 chroma seconds
i was chilling eating a glizzy then it got oliver founds
by liam trim101 September 25, 2020
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