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1.)The leader of a pack/herd/etc.
2.) The dominant male.
3.)The main source of population.
In wolf packs,the alpha male will mate with every female in his territory,whether they have mated already,or even from another den/territory.
*Wolves mate for life*
by Jake October 15, 2004
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the 95% of lawyers that give the others a bad name
She's an ambulance chaser with the law firm of Chasem,Screwm & Craponem
by Jake February 28, 2004
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"You would think that congress would pass a law stating that Federally protected lands would be free from the oil companies..."
by Jake March 31, 2005
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a real estate appraiser who gives in to client pressure to appraise a property for a predetermined amount.
by Jake November 8, 2003
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Sister of Maire Brennan (the lady you hear singing the theme song for Last of the Mohicans) who is from Ireland.
The future Empress of the world should be Enya.
by Jake May 6, 2004
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polite medical term for the condition where you can't maintain an erection sufficient for penetration intercourse to orgasm
I explained that I had erectile dysfunction so she gave me the best blow-job I ever had.
by Jake February 1, 2004
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French for "snail", commonly the snail body that comes out of a snail shell. Edible.
he: "Would you care for escargot?"

she: "er, no thanks. It always looks too much like tiny inner & outer labia. I'm not into eating that."
by Jake April 17, 2004
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