its a very beautiful single released by louis tomlinson.
this song is dedicated to his mom who passed away in 2016
Person 1: did you listen to two of us?
person 2: omg yes i cried when i listened.
by Genzdonut September 12, 2020
Neva= meaning that an action did not take place or a statement was never spoken.
Always= meaning that an action definitely did take place or a statement was definitely voiced about an opinion.
Shawn:You told shawna I said she was ugly!

John: Neva did I tell her dat you said she was ugly. Always did I tell her you said she was cute.
by Jaycen Winters November 18, 2003
Man, I really love the song Honey this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us on the first studio album from the American rockband my chemical romance.
by bbbasic October 18, 2020