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one angry, angry fucker.
"Lactose-free milk? KISS MY DICK!" -Lewis Black

"Al Roker, that big fat fuck." -Lewis Black

by Drama_King March 26, 2008

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The people who take my money.

"Hey man, wanna eat some food and shit?"

"Can't do it man. I have to go sell myself on Sentinel Road and give the money I make to York University."
by Drama_King January 20, 2008

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The reason I don't just kill myself right now.
Well, I could end it all...but tomorrow Cindy might let me touch her boobs. Yep...gonna stick around and see how this plays out.
by Drama_King March 17, 2008

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The original emo kid.
Life is paaaaaaaaaaaaaaain.
My daddy died! Waaahhh!
I don't have the balls to do anything about it.
Iambic pentameter philosophical mumbo jumbo.
My girlfriend killed herself 'cause I smacked her.
by Drama_King March 10, 2008

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"Rap" for ignorant white people.
12-year-old suburbanite Stacey Johnson LOVES to superman hoes...SOULJA BOY!
by Drama_King March 11, 2008

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The eldest child of Peter and Lois Griffin on the hit TV Show "Family Guy." A complete wallflower, Meg is routinely used as the butt of everyone's jokes. This stems from her social awkwardness, and supposed unattractiveness. Over the course of the series, Meg's unpopularity has evolved from being just a gag, to being the focal point of her character.

Meg is even mocked by members of her own family. Every now and then, when Meg tries to speak, Peter will simply tell her to "shut up", and then carry on with the conversation. It has also been shown that Peter and Lois don't know how old Meg is, when her birthday is, or that she is deathly allergic to peanuts. Brian, the family dog, instantly vomits when Chris lifts up Meg's shirt. Friends of the family seem to share similar feelings about Meg. In one episode, Cleveland Brown tells Peter, "Meg is my least favourite of your children."

Other Meg jokes throughout the series include: in one episode, she is captured in a net, and mistaken for a manitee or "sea cow"; after seeing how "ugly" she is, two people douse themselves in gasoline, ignate themseleves, and jump out a window; to avoid a date with Meg, a boy at school shoots himself in the stomach with a nail gun; another boy kills his own brother to have an excuse not to go to prom with her; in a cutaway gag, her teddy bears come to life and run away. one of the bears jumps in front of a truck rather than go back and be with Meg; Peter tells Lois on one occasion that they agreed if they could only save two they'd "leave Meg"; on one occasion, it is implied that Meg masturbates with hotdogs and pretends they're the New York Knicks; on numerous occasions, Meg is mistaken for a boy.

To look at Meg as a social commentary, the argument could be made the she is a parody of the awkward, unpopular teen stereotype, taken to the extreme. The jokes about Meg's obesity can also be seen as social commentary. Meg is only shown to be slightly overweight, and she isn't as ugly as she's made out to be by the other characters. This could be seen as a social commentary on American society, and how those people who fall short (even slightly) of the percieved ideal, face persecution, and are made to feel bad about themselves.

Meg is voiced by Lacey Chabert in the first season, and by Mila Kunis in all subsequent seasons.
PETER: (To Meg Griffin) I'd like a glass full of better daughter!
by Drama_King January 29, 2009

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The second coming of Christ.
"When I'm finished, you'll all be wearinf gold-plated diapers." - Christopher Walken
by Drama_King March 11, 2008

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