An act, such as a running race or sex, engaged in for a very long time, i.e. at least several hours.
He's been in his room watching the Andy Griffith Show marathon; he ain't comin' out.
by LudwigVan November 13, 2003
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to watch an entire season of a TV series in a short period of time, especially if you watch them in one sitting.
I just got the last season of Lost on DVD, and I had to marathon it last weekend. I couldn't put it down.
by Philosophistry February 1, 2009
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When you drink 26 beers in a short amount of time, without throwing up.
bro 1: "Bro, I'm going on a marathon tonight."

bro 2: "That's crazy bro, I hope you're prepared for that shit bro."

bro 1: "I was born ready. Bro."
by January 26, 2011
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when smoking a blunt or a joint, the end starts to run (burns faster on one side than another), run=marathon
Ace: Damn matt, this blunts got a marathon going
Matt Coda: Man! Lemme catch the run!
by AceofSpades705 December 27, 2008
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The game company Bungie's first game.
Used in a red vs blue episode. Was also an awsome game.
But Church from red vs blue gets blasted back in time by a 10 megaton bomb, into the game marathon.
computer-Ready to transport.

Church-Ok, lets do it...good know what, you'd think i would of come up with a name for you in these thousand years.

Gary(computer)-Its Gary, but thanks for asking
by Philip Miller April 24, 2005
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when one tries to get stoned for the duration of more then 10 hours
yo wanna do a marathon today meet me at 12
by webley November 11, 2005
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a.k.a "Running a marathon" or "manathon"

When a group of five or more males masturbate one after another passing lubricant as the baton trying to beat previous records of time or contending groups' records.
J: Hey, do you want to go to the bars tonight?
E: That seems like a good idea, but that's in a while.
J: Should we pre-game?
E: I have a better "game," let's get the boys together and-
J and E: RUN A MARATHON!!!!!
(they high five)
J: I will get the lube!
E: I will forsake my self-respect!
by EriQ May 19, 2008
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