To cheat, rip-off, beat, defraud, hack or scam something.
I rorted this eyeliner from K-Mart.
I rorted My Meego by screendumping.
Let's rort the system!
You got rorted!
by erratika June 19, 2004
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To get screwed over by someone. To be cheated out of something.
At an auction, person A won an item by 1 cent, rorting person B out of the item without actually having to pay any extra (since 1 cent will be rounded down). Person B got rorted.
by lolliz January 25, 2006
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To be badly damaged or destroyed, usually rendering something usesless.
Person: "Those train tracks are completely rorted since the earthquake tore them apart."
by lolliz January 25, 2006
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Very fucked up from drugs and/or alcohol.
"Let's buy some 'Bundy O.P' and get rorted."
"I got rorted on the 'bikkies' last night."
by Diego September 5, 2003
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A boy who got a big, phat, volumptious ass and a big juicy horse cock
?: Hey rort wanna go canal
Rort: no I’m too good for you
by Black daddy’s got hoes August 6, 2020
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Rort: (verb/noun) To rort.
I rort, you rort, he rorts, we rort, you all rort.
Meaning: To have-it'. To partake in 'the rort' is to appreciate the funner things in life, predominately grog and Michael Jackson.
Examples: Last night I was on the rort. Saturday I got completely rorted. Let us rort.(religious/ceremonial). The rort is on. That was some exceptionally fine, London rort.
Derived from the Latin: Rortus - meaning, 'to have had a skin-full'.
by Jack December 17, 2003
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To consume much drugs or alcohol. The act or intention of consumption of these things.
I am going to rort so much coke tonight
He rorted that spliff very quickly
Hold on I am just rorting a line
Here you go mate, rort that, should sort you out!
by L-S-D August 14, 2005
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