This word means to deprive someone of their rights, money, or property by committing fraud. To describe this in one word it would be, "dishonest".
Guy#1: I'm being sued for defraud? What?!

Guy#2: Dude, your employees defrauded the firm of millions of dollars.

Guy#1: Those bastards...
by Maux Darkbrand March 5, 2009
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illegally obtained from (someone)by deception
Investors in the scheme were defrauded of their life savings
by Methya June 9, 2022
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Oh no Theo Von! Oh no! You're being stolen from!? Your content is being pilfered and it's losing you millions? OH NO! But... What... I mean... You stole my joke about guys dating 500 pound women because their dicks are too big after watching whatever recording Jamhal posted about me without my explicit consent or knowledge but aside from that... WHAT COULD YOU HAVE POSSIBLY DONE TO DESERVE THAT!? WHY WOULD ANYONE DO SUCH A THING TO A GUY WHO STOLE A JOKE OFF OF THE LIL DICKY TV SHOW AND TOLD IT AS HIS OWN? OH NO GUYS! This is terrible! Go over to Theo Von's channel and help him out immediately guys! #JusticeforTheo. We need to do our part to speak out about stuff like this because IT COULD HAPPEN TO ANYONE! GO! Go over there now! Help him! Help him immediately!
Hym "Oh no! Theo Von is being defrauded! You know what? Nevermind. Just ignore him and refuse to acknowledge that that is happening to him. That's probably the right call. Actually, don't even acknowledge HIM. And not me Hym but HIM him. Don't acknowledge him. Don't acknowledge what's happening to him. Just ignore him. He just wants attention."
by Hym Iam September 7, 2023
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