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someone who has been fucked on a regular basis with dildoes in order for them to further accomodate various sized toys and cocks comfortably.
before releasing her to her new master's care, she was dildo-trained.
by Jack June 24, 2004
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Screwing up royally. What you say to someone you have trusted knows what is happening, but then realize that they are lost with no clue.
You have no idea what you are doing, do you? You are dicking big time!!
by Jack January 16, 2004
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referring to a defunct device
"That is a beat tape player"
by Jack April 21, 2004
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1. An affirmative response
2. An exclamation
3. An agreeing response
4. A greeting
5. A phrase used when parting with someone
1. Chea, i can pick you up later.
2. CHEA!!!!
3. Chea, that is a good movie.
4. Chea, hows it goin.
5. I'll see you tomorrow, chea.
by Jack June 1, 2004
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the absolute hottest people alive....
all the girls want lacrosse players and not any other guys.....thast why theres lacrosstitutes (see "lacrossetitute")...cuz everyone wants to get with them
"i want to be one of those lacrosse player's girlfriends! SO bad
by Jack September 1, 2004
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A play on the word "Zelda," of Nintendo's popular "Legend of Zelda" video game series. It refers to the cel-shaded graphical style of the "Wind Waker" installation of the series on Nintendo's Gamecube system. The word mainly has a negative connotation, as most fans were disappointed with the initial look of the game.
by Jack March 5, 2005
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