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A place in upstate NY (Montgomery County). Also called "Rug City" Amsterdam was a bustling city at the turn of the century due to the factories which eventually led to it's economic downfall.
Have you ever been to Amsterdam?


No, Amsterdam NY.

Oh.. no... never even heard of it.
by Jack February 1, 2005
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A book first compiled and released during the height of Vietnam war protesting, intended to be a guidebook to civil disobedience by explaining how to create destructive substances and various techniques for undermining or just screwing with authorities. All methods described within were totally accurate at the time of publication and were reportedly researched and taken from various military books the author found in a local library.

Nowadays the term applies to any of the many print and online publications that deal with how to create malicious substances from household items. These publications are only spiritual successors, the original author of the Anarchist Cookbook claims he has since changed his views. The book only remains in print due to the underhanded dealings of the author's publisher.
Break out the old Anarchist Cookbook, we'll make some napalm.
by Jack April 2, 2004
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to put one and ones friends money together so that they can purchase an item.
yo bitch, if you want some crack; you best ante up
by Jack March 10, 2003
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What should be given to every heterosexual male before being incarcerated.
When Jim Bob dropped the soap in the shower he did not have to worry because he was wearing his manhole cover.
by Jack December 30, 2004
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The diameter of one's penis, and a measure of meaty manliness. First coined in a comic by Penny Arcade. See Fat Pipes.
My manwidth drives the ladies wild.
by Jack August 5, 2006
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The wealthiest and most educated state in the union. Nice places, like Mntgomery County, and shitty places like Baltimore.
You can find me in Potomac.
by Jack January 23, 2004
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n:Homestar runner's girlfriend.
likes to sing, loves animals, hates meat.
"what should I get Marzipan for her birthday?"
by Jack November 26, 2003
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