3 definitions by L-S-D

High pitched and highly irritating sound found on most electronic devices, phones, trucks reversing etc. Usually consists of a sine wave or triangular wave, clipped to make a short *beep*. Often used as a warning sound.
*beep beep beep beep beep*
"Huh what's that beepinaaaarrrrggghhh"
If your friggin mobile beeps once more mate then I am going to shove it into your *insert name for orifice*
by L-S-D September 7, 2005
Phrase used by simpletons across the globe when confronted with a simple challenge. Often this stupidity can be faked, and the use of this phrase can become a cop out.
1st person - Can you help me with this task
2nd person - Don't ask me. I ain't got a fucking clue about none of that shit

1st person - Can you tell me how to do something
2nd person - I ain't got a fucking clue
by L-S-D October 5, 2005
To consume much drugs or alcohol. The act or intention of consumption of these things.
I am going to rort so much coke tonight
He rorted that spliff very quickly
Hold on I am just rorting a line
Here you go mate, rort that, should sort you out!
by L-S-D August 14, 2005