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Someone who doesn't have enough respect for their "loved one" to break out with them before sleeping with someone else.
My boyfriend cheated on me while i was home worrying about him.
by mmm1232309u May 05, 2011
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Worse shock in the world. When you find out by accident or the person you love deliberately reveals that they are emotionally or physically involved with someone else.Without even telling you or any warning.

You feel worthless, self pitied and wronged and it's like the Worst feeling in the world. As you loved them and trust them with all your heart. But they don't care about you or your emotions for them you were just another shoe on their dooemat. These people are disrespectful, superficial and extremely untrustable and often have multiple relationships going on they will come back to a genuine person after realising what they lost unconditional love. But you can't accept them back as you lose all love and respect for them when you find out their true self behind that mask that they use.

It's better to eliminate them from your lives for good. But don't let that experience make you bitter or angry at future attempts of love. Just don't invest heavily in emotion or time unless you've tested them properly.
Dave: what happened Joey between you and your girlfriend.

Joey : Left her bitch was deliberately ignoring me later I found out slut was cheating with some other guy.

Dave: Sorry Bruh u just got cheated and used by that slut
by Boris33_ November 01, 2019
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That moment when you love someone so much and they act like they love you but then whenever they stop talking to you , you feel like your alone and then they hangout with other girls and ignore you ... also calling to her girls cute and make you feel like crap. Then when they say sorry expect you to forgive them .
I feel cheated after Joey broke up with me then begged for forgiveness .
by lol:3 February 23, 2020
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