Want to go fight or want to fight until we die(no not really)
Small guy: Your an idiot, your brain is a peanut.

Big guy:Why you little...


Big guy: Wanna go?

Small guy:Bring it!(punch)
by Bill L January 4, 2008
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When someone says this, it means that they want to start a fight.
(Zach pushes John)John: What? You wanna go?
by Zach and Nick July 11, 2008
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oops sorry my dead fish fell on my keyboard and typed that
Jim: wanna go out?
Me: fym
Jim: sorry lol my fish wrote that
by YourStepSis January 11, 2021
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Kat said to the unruly customer
You wanna go its been slow today
by Tonythetiler January 23, 2021
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“Hey man, wanna go bowling?”
“Sure what time?”
“6 o’clock
by KingOfTheMax’s March 7, 2022
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