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The series of marks upon one's arm due to injection of heroin. When the marks run up and down someones arm, similar to the tracks of a train, they are said to have train tracks.
Watch out for Paul man, he's totally addicted. Train tracks all over his arm.
by mapaccio March 29, 2009
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That girl in the bar was pretty hot until she smiled...she had sushi caught in her train tracks...

Oh, really....braces?

by B. Hanback December 30, 2008
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n. when you have braces on the top and bottom row of your teeth, giving the wearer the look of having mini traintracks running through their mouth.

the gaps between your teeth are the bars and your braces are the tracks.
rebecca: guess who's getting traintracks?
courtney: who?
rebecca: simon! he's also going to the same orthodontist as me!
courtney: doesn't mei go to that one too?
rebecca: oh, whoops...
by Citronic September 26, 2007
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Used to describe someone with a under bite with braces.

Synonyms - Train, Rails, Subway, Train Track Deng.
The Milky Way Express goes across the Train Tracks.
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by Juan-Athan June 21, 2017
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What the train rides on... a slang term for a woman who gets a train pulled on her, or has sex with one guy after another after another and so on and so forth.
She got gang-banged last night man ... she got rode like a traintrack.
by shomesomethin July 12, 2010
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when two bowls of marijuana are passed in opposite directions in a circle... and when the two bowls meet, the person has to train track them by hitting two pipes at once.
your traink tracks man
by haggardrobhaggard August 26, 2005
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Verb: To traintrack someone.

a commonly used prank usually when someone is sleeping or heavily intoxicated. Multiple people are required.

Before it is explained, i will state that the person sleeping is person 1, the speaker is person 2 and the butt person is person 3. The intoxicated/sleeping person (person 1) will be seated or preferably laying down on a couch or bed. one person(person 2) will lean towards the intoxicated person and began saying, "chugachugachugachugachugachugachugachuga," similar to the noise made by a passing train. This gradually gets louder. As the volume increases, another person (person 3) pulls down their pants, shorts, or whatever covers their round bottom, and places it at a 90 degree angle with person 1's face. Now it all comes to turn. person 2 (the speaker) will yell, "WATCH OUT FOR THE TRAIN"!!! in person 1's ear. person 1 will wake up, shocked at the noise he just heard. He will shoot up from his laying position, directly into person 3's prepared butthole, who will then release a fart/poopy from his rectum, completing the prank. This prank most likely will result in death or severe injury due to the raging anger of the recipient.
1) Ramses: (to Eduardo) So me and Juaquin were wasted last night so we decided to traintrack Eli.

Juaquin: Yeaaa man, it was sick, but he got pretty mad, and now were in the hospital.

Eli: (To both Ramses and Juaquin) by the way, whosever butt was in my face last night drank way too much cuz their shit smelled like Bud Light
by richard sore April 04, 2010
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