Makeup applied to emphasize the shape of the eyes, but can also be applied to achieve intensity and definition. Usually comes from a "pencil" and is applied under and above in eye.
Overdoing eyeliner makes you look messed up!
by Endit October 11, 2004
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Joe: hey, are you waering eyeliner?

Melissa: duh!

Joe: your eyes look amazing!
by LoveMelissa May 2, 2009
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its a disease, most common in teenage girls and emo guys. eyeliner can look damn sexy and bring out ones eyes, but also can make little 7th graders look like sluts and/or racoons. ugly people also sometimes where it to look less ugly. eyeliner looks really good on the girls in bollywood movies, but white girls gots ta be careful cuz if dey overdo it, dey look like vampires.
Random girl: "The coolest eyeliner colors are purple and blue!"

Some guy: "Damnn dat chick avril lavigne's eyeliner is messed uppp!"
by missghettopimpette July 15, 2006
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A makeup product that comes in many colors, (most commonly black and brown) which you put above or under your eyes.

Very common with girls, as it makes the eyes stand out more. Unless done correctly will putting on too much make you look as if you haven't slept for days.

If you're a boy, and your name isn't Jack Sparrow, and you aren't a pirate, you shouldn't use eyeliner. Unless, of course, you're one of those emo guys, and you don't care if the rest of the world thinks you're an idiot.
1) Oooh, look at that girl and her dark, sexy, mysterious eyes!

2) Eww, is that guy wearing eyeliner? That is so gay. I bet he listens to Fall Out Boy and Green Day 24/7.
by Cine May 7, 2006
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makeup worn by emo kids so they can have rivulets of black going over their zygomatic arches when they cry.
*cry* my eyeliner is BLEEDING. AUGH!
by bjflds January 12, 2006
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a code word for cigarette...usually used by young teens in order to avoid parental confrontation...

"Hey, you think you can hook me up with some eyeliner this weekend when you go to your aunts house?..."
by Nicole.¢¾ January 24, 2007
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