Stealing ideas and/or products to create something of lesser value. To take credit for something that is not their own. To slightly alter an existing idea and product for personal benefit. Disregard the origin of the true creation in attempt to cmake a quick buck and turn a few heads.
Skateboards built by someone who cannot skate. To base all designs off of other existing products and people's creations. Quality is not considered.
by Bobby "Free" McGee June 4, 2005
a price that's unreasonably expensive
To charge $1.25 for a 12 ounce can of soda is a rip-off.
by Geard Irick June 28, 2010
To cheat something out of an objects true value.
by Anonymous November 9, 2003
Anything offered by Rogers cable
Rogers guy:
your internet and cable will comes to only 100 bucks a month!

Fuck you that's a rip-off!!!
by CheapAss June 29, 2004
What an absolute rip-off that was.
by Fraulein Hilda February 22, 2018
When you're on the bad side of the deal. See ripped off.
That $500 guitar was a rip off. I strummed it once and all the strings broke off!
by Dudette June 5, 2005
Apple Inc will rip-off you for everything you buy,
by Twml August 15, 2014