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When a girl has a really ugly face, put a brown paperbag with mouth and eye holes over her head and fuck her like this. This allows you to easily imagine
an attractive womans face rather than hers. Most Commonly done to ^prawns^.
Dude1 : "I could never bring myself to fuck her, she has a great body, but that face is ^rude^."
Dude2 : "I used the 'paperbag trick' and it wasnt really all that bad, she's got a nice pussy."
by Diego August 15, 2003
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To be really fucked up offa X.
"Man, I'm pronging so fucken hardcore."
by Diego August 31, 2003
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A period of time that you do alot of drugs in and/or drink a lot of booze.
Must be more than 1 day.
"I'm coming down from a 3 week crack binge."
by Diego August 29, 2003
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Carefree Partier: "You keen to dang a few lines and then dang it(leave)?"
Hungry Partyier: "We should dang this food mission before we go out."
by Diego August 14, 2003
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1. To gain access to something. Usually sexual relations with a female.
2. An untapped resource is a female who hasnt been with any guys yet, or a quiet girl with a lot of potential that not many people rate or notice.
1. I gunna tap that ass!
We tapped the Keg.
2. That new girl in my tutorial is an untapped resource, everyone thinks she's a nerd...But I just know it can be tapped!
by Diego October 2, 2003
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Young chick's aged 12-15.
The defining factor of a teeny bopper is the music they listen to. They listen to that 'top 40 pop hits' shit, like Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears or whatever.
They giggle profusely at anything and are intolerably annoying especially when you or them is fucked up on drugs.
They regularly hang out at the mall and movies wearing typically in-season shoes and backpacks in large groups loitering and giggling. They all watch Reality TV and say 'Like, OMG!'. They are typically blonde and/or dumb and follow every single trend that comes out; fashion, music and otherwise. Teeny Bopper is a very stereotypical term.
"Look at that teeny bopper giggling, wearing a backpack and buying that Justin Timberlake CD."
by Diego July 30, 2003
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Anything sick, cool, good or awesome.
"That was a boont party last night man."
by Diego July 29, 2003
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