The soft spot between a girls thighs where a guy can rest his boner at night.
Chad 's boner was tired so he placed it in Keirsten's canal and filled it up with a river of semen.
by JDawg 316 December 23, 2015
Casual anal sex between two unfamiliar partners
That girl is always good for some canal.
by 7511 Girard February 24, 2005
A sissy, wus, pussy, lacking spine, no guts, femmy
He flaked again, took her to some girl flick, then shopping Saturday, wouldn't even stop for a forty--what a canal!
by John Niederbuhl April 15, 2008
noun; a low insult suggesting that one is lower than an asshole, hence up the alimentary canal.
You stole the last of my gage, you canal!
by johnny-boy March 28, 2005
to be fucked inbetween the breasts, the cum then runs down into her mouth. (like a canal)
yeah man i canaled her last night
by genobenben September 25, 2010
Canales is such a beautiful last name that any Hispanic person could have. This person is so so so smart and loyal but stubborn at times, but over all is an amazing person!!
Mr/Mrs Canales is such a hard working person.
by Canales November 6, 2020
Sitting on the toliet and thinking about life
Person 1: "What are you doing man?"
Person 2: "I'm canalizing right now"
by Nad Ragaz September 12, 2004