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When saying good for you to someone, the real meaning behind your words are "GO FUCK YOURSELF!"
the teacher was telling me about his unimportant weekend events, I said "good for you" because I hated him.
by viafive May 05, 2003
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A rude remark made by someone, when in conversation, really don't care about the current topic.
Hey! I made 500 combos on DDR!
Good for you.
by Furik January 30, 2004
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You say this when your happy for the person your saying it to. You feel they deserve whatever good thing is happening to them, you mean well but feel detached and careless about it anyway.
A co-worker you do not really hang out with just told you that he/she got promoted, so you say: Good for you!
by LiaLuna March 23, 2006
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Good for you: sometimes a person can feel a little tired of listening to other peoples "stuff" and in conversation this fatigue sometimes resurfaces.

...oh and EVERYBODY has these moments sometimes. Depending on the "intonation" of how you say it, may it influence the conversation.
"uhhuh..uhuh..bless her heart..uhhuh..good for nice..really? good for you..etc."

"Really, a new girlfriend?! Good for you!"

"Really, a new boyfriend?! Good-for-you."

"Really, all is going well?! Perfect! Good....... for....... you!"
by good attention December 13, 2013
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A Sincere Way to gratefully express your gratitude towards a persons achievement.
Farther: How did your first job interview go.
Son: I got the job Dad.
Father: Good for You.
by PositiveWords February 13, 2017
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