something you shouldn't trust
Andy: The moral of this story is...YOU CAN'T TRUST THE SYSTEM,MAN!
by YO MAMA'S BOOTY HOLE December 26, 2012
The government, the police, or any other unconquerable authority figure.
Kobe aint guilty, he's just a victim of the system.

It's the system...they be out to get us black people.
by Me February 28, 2004
what needs to be brought down. down with the system, down with society. the fall of the human race is inevitable... let's do it in the most fun way possible. no laws except your own. someone wrongs you, you punish them, in whatever means you feel are right. no age limits on all the shit everyone wnats to do. all of modern technology, without the order, dullness and inequality in society. did you dream of growing up to be a 9-5 worker, living a mediocre life? fuck the system; everyone should get what they deserve, be it good or bad.
what to we need?


who against?

the world.
by crap December 10, 2004
A societal structure created by humans in order to create security and order in our society. It is the reason why our technology is as advanced as it is and also the only thing that prevents our society from spiraling into total chaos. However, it's often blamed by people who aren't successful or have had unlucky circumstances which is sometimes justifiable due to the amount of racism and police brutality that's still going on to this day. It's also the reason why our environment is in such a messed up state because of the amount of dependency it has on economic profits.
The main problem with the system is that it is very hesitant towards change. A lot of people heavily despise the system because of this and wish they were able to get rid of the system altogether. However, if we get rid of the system altogether, our whole civilization would be in complete chaos. So, instead of trying to get rid of the system, we should all make an effort to improve it to be more tolerable and accepting towards positive change.
by Dubiks March 10, 2019
The system is an unexplained phenomenon that Karma uses to get back at its victims through the stupidity of the people around them. People not familiar with the system cannot comprehend its magnitude or what exactly it controls in our everyday lives. The system cannot be controlled we are all under its rule. Beware the system.
" Man that wasnt stupidity that was the system,"
by I cant handle the system December 8, 2016
Anything that is blamed when something goes wrong and cannot be solved, or simply when someone is just too lazy to move his ass to do some work specially in an organization or public service.
Banker1: Hi Paula, what's wrong,
Banker2: Hi, I broke my neck with Andy, we had a tough night yesterday.

chitchat continues..... few minutes later a customer comes

Customer: Hi, I need to withdraw 2k$ please.
Banker2:...Well unfortunately we cannot perform your query right now
Banker2: Because the system is down, come back tomorrow please.
by Systen December 27, 2016
System - among many other things - refers to the collective of alters within one body inhabited by multiple people.

The context is almost always the highly stigmatized mental disorders D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) or O.S.D.D. (Otherwise Specified Dissociative Disorder) which both share the defining symptom of multiple alternate states of conciousnesses, colloquially referred to as alters or "multiple personalities". These alters often have different memories, abilities, etc. and can be just as different and well-defined as any other people in the world.

System refers to the collective of alters within one body.
"We haven't decided on a system name yet"
- A system that just recently gained awareness of their plurality
by Liravin March 31, 2020