hobnob v 1. to mingle, usually with the upper class of society.

The verb hobnob originally meant “to drink together” and occurred as a varying phrase, hob or nob, hob-a-nob, or hob and nob, the first of which is recorded in 1763.
"After the opera, we hobnobbed with the foreign heads-of-state."
by Equator December 16, 2004
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The cunning art of nudging one person with your 'piece' while mouthing the phrase "huh huh huh"
Eamon surprised Rachel with a swift hobnob from behind
by TangenT June 6, 2004
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Laura hobnobbed me until I came in her mouth.
by Anonymous September 1, 2003
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To hobnob means to chat and share a laugh and a drink in the presence of other people at a function or party.
I do love hobnobbing at all those various hobnob do's that I do go too.


Quit yo hobnobbing beeatch before I bitchslap you round the face!!
by Mr. Alan April 7, 2006
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To dip your penis into a friend's drink when visiting the toilet in a bar
Chas went to the toilet so I hobnobbed his pint of lager
by webmills August 14, 2019
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when a married woman goes out with an attractive girl friend to a bar or spa party, so she can get her friend to hook her up with a quickie
my wife got hobnobbed at that house party last night
by davidnadelle October 2, 2008
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An unusually girthy Penis, with a flat bell, of an oaty nature.
I could barely fit it in my mouth he had such a large hobnob.
by Crusaders fo hobnobs-oaty wars December 11, 2011
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