1. v., to leave, depart
2. v., to place tobacco between the gums and lower lip
3. n., shortened form of "dipshit", i.e. a stupid, annoying, or displeasing person
by Zzisjfd November 7, 2010
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to leave abruptly. To get the hell out of somewhere.
When I saw the Vanilla Ice cd in my date's cd player, I knew I had to dip.
by Laura Claire June 1, 2004
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Dip is a form of smokeless tobacco that is cut more fine than regualar chewing tobacco. It is bought in a round tin that is a little smaller than a hockey puck. It comes in fine cut(or snuff), mid cut, and long cut. Users take a pinch of tobacco and place it between their bottom lip and gums. Smokeless tobacco has much more nicotine than cigarettes (one tin has about the same amount of nicotine as 60 cigarettes). Large amounts of nicotine are absorbed through the gums and mouth tissue and goes directly to the blood stream, creating a buzz that lasts around 15 minutes. This buzz only lasts until you become tolerant to the drug; people who are heavy users only receive a state of satisfaction and relaxation.

The most popular brand of dip is Copenhagen, which is only available in natural and bourban flavors. The second most popular brand is Skoal, which comes in a variety of flavors like mint, cherry, vanilla, apple, etc. These two brands are on the expensive side. Other brands like Grizzly, Timberwolf, and Kodiak are popular as well, and are much cheaper.

Now, there as a pouch-form of dip as well. It is tobacco filled in tea bag like pouch which is much more user-friendly, as shards of tobacco do not get stuck between the teeth.

Dipping is often referred to as "packing a lipper."
I used to dip Copenhagen, but it was too expensive. Now I'm a Grizzly man.
by GrizzMan August 20, 2005
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1) smokeless tabacco.
2) to leave and fast.
3) dumb ass
dip 1. skoal, copenhagen, grizzly
dip 2. scram, flee
dip 3. beavis, butthead, good for nothings
by nisroc09 May 22, 2009
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God Kevin don't be such a dip.
by meowmeowcatcat June 16, 2011
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someone that you like but don't have a committed relationship with

someone you have unattached sex with
Jason: Aye Marcus isn't that yo girl over there.
Marcus:Naw she just my dip

by mzpoohbaby July 11, 2008
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