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when a man has a rather wide cock!
i know a man called john, he has a rather wide cock, ive named it girthy!!!
(he also has big balls, "is it a peach" haha

i want to suck girthy!!!!
by Missy L November 06, 2006
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A specific person or thing with a chode. Usually named Cruz or Stuart
by doin bred October 22, 2019
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Being obscenely thick or fat.
"That girl is straight up girthy."

"I would probably enjoy sex with ^Name^ more, but he's just too girthy."
by MSchiffer May 24, 2007
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When you're pregnant but at the same time you're not.

It's a joke referring to when you're emotional/salty like a pregnant woman but you're obviously not.
Subject 1: *plays any game and sucks at it* Fuck this game, it's complete garbage.
Subject 2: Girthy much little bitch hoe?
by Resnad October 18, 2018
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