when a man has a rather wide cock!
i know a man called john, he has a rather wide cock, ive named it girthy!!!
(he also has big balls, "is it a peach" haha

i want to suck girthy!!!!
by Missy L November 6, 2006
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a person or thing that is short and wide.
That girl over yonder is girthy.

Joe has a genuinely girthy dick.
by zztops yo January 19, 2007
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The state of having a huge dick and, as a result, being too good in bed. Groups such as Wrecking Crew were well known for proudly citing their girth. The Texas Rangers have been said to be the girthiest team in the league, which makes sense since everything IS bigger in Texas.
Here, let me prescribe you some girthy girth. Take it twice tonight and don't call me in the morning.
by VarianceParabola August 14, 2010
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Not scrawny, like Kami
Most Americans are kind of girthy because they eat unhealthy food
by Bill E. Naire September 5, 2006
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To be well-endowed in the penile area
James Millsop is girthy between his legs.
by PJFizzle April 18, 2010
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Being obscenely thick or fat.
"That girl is straight up girthy."

"I would probably enjoy sex with ^Name^ more, but he's just too girthy."
by MSchiffer May 24, 2007
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