Variant of "bitch", as pronounced to further emphasise the expression
"You beeatch motherfucker!!"
by Somme Touch November 26, 2002
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1. a purely affectionate term with only good connotations
2. bee-atch music - rap music
1. "beeatch... whas uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup?"
2. "i'm gonna listen me some bee-atch moosak"
by tash April 30, 2003
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a title which emphasizes the subject's ability to regain control in a particularly demanding situation.
Mr. Solomon revealed his gusto as a beeatch of the stock market crash last week. Bravo, sir!
by Signor Turd May 25, 2003
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beaatch is evelyn kelly. she is the definitive beeatch. no one else can ever be beeatch. if anyone else is called beeatch, they're wrong. right!! She is my sista!!
see also: shu beeatch
Me: hey beeatch!
Evelyn: Hey, bruva!
by Shearan December 18, 2004
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Slightly gay sounding way of pronouncing man bitch. A response to a male (possibly gay) friend who keeps going on about how hot he/someone else is and what girls he could shag if he wanted to. Or who makes bitchy comments about someone elses appearance.

An affectionate term...

(Has 3 syllables, say: 'Man-Bee-AAHch!')
'And like, omg - Jennifer has gotten soooo fat over summer!'

'Oooh, you Man Beeatch!!'
by QueenSpaztic January 26, 2009
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