A low key guy always looking for a good time. Always surrounded by friends and family, life of the party, charismatic. Loves to travel hates being stuck in one place for too long. Eamon is a lighthearted guy with lots of wit, charm and laughter. Often live in his head and likes to keep things breezy.
Hey did you meet Eamon?

Yeah, very charming and smart. Hard to tell what he really thinks though.

Hmm. Thats Eamon
by dreamer141414 April 13, 2010
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Eamon is a guy who lives in his mind and has trust issues, he doesn't tell anyone his true feelings and no one knows about his true personality. You can never tell what Eamon is thinking and he always avoids sad topics like death and depression by smiling and changing the topic.
"Eamon always smiles I want to be that happy."

"Is Eamon alright he looks pissed." "I'm sure he'll smile like he always does!"
by Amon -e December 3, 2019
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The boy who breaks your heart numerous times but you still can't stop loving him no matter what.
"He's such an Eamon!"
by I'm actual trassshhh August 30, 2017
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A hot dude who brings a panini press everywhere and cuts the sandwiches with his jawline. So white, tall, and awkward. Major glo up after middle school
Wow, eamon is so cool, man.

I know, he made me a panini.
by FrenchFryCunt May 17, 2017
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Eamon is a unique guy. Finding him on the streets is an opportunity you should take right away. Don't let an Eamon pass you by without becoming friends with him. He usually is a little small but has got a big brain for arts. He is good at maths and is one heck of a guy. He can show you who you are to yourself and how to improve. One shall never pass the chance to meet a guy like an Eamon.
Have you seen that guy we just passed?
Ya that's Eamon!
Wow, Ali can I meet him?
Ya Rose he is one heck of a guy and I think he would like you!
by HiKirby May 26, 2019
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Eamon is a really hot guy with usually brown eyes and brown hair, he's breathtaking to look it and will love you for who you are, he's charming, sweet, and everything you could ever want.

Watch out though, he sometimes does some stupidly random things that make you question the integrity of his skull.
Wow, Eamon is so hot.

I can't resist it, Eamon is making my heart race.
by Arseman8888 November 12, 2021
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The word Eamon means a lovely sexy guy who always make people laugh and usually very intelligent and rich. There hair is usually dark black or gray if they are special kind and are supposed to be billionaires when they are older. They have lovely sweet brown eyes and a dark tone skin. They are usually charming to girls and make them laugh a lot. They make everyone laugh a lot in bad times or good times. The name Eamon comes from a irish word. Eamon is short word for Edmund which means wealthy porotecter. Eamon are handsome people and brave so they wouldn't let you down no matter what.
by Real meanings of name December 6, 2018
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