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Laura is the type of person to say fuck it and do it, she loves living on the edge and creating adventurous memories. She’s a strong beautiful girl and no one quite knows what she’s been through, she is a smart, keen, determined individual, destined to make a change in the world. A Laura is an hilarious girl and has the personality of a comedian, she has much confidence but lacks patience and her moody outlet being blunt just adds to her personality. She’s a forgiving kind person willing to make people smile even if she’s having a bad day, she wants so be somebody, an individual, like no one else. She does not care whether people like her or love her, she just is herself and no one can change that. She’s a real keeper for a friend and will create the best memories with you
Have you heard of Laura?

Yeah, she’s so cool!
by Ellie may thomas January 12, 2019
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Laura is one of the sweetest and kindest people you will ever meet. She is so beautiful but doesn’t believe it. She is super shy with people she doesn’t know but once she gets to know you she is super crazy, silly, and full of energy. She is on the look out for a boy to make her feel special and treat her like a princess and won’t rest till she does. Until then she is great friend to every one and tries to make her friends/ family happy and put their needs a head of her own. Whenever she is upset she tries to hide it so her friends and family don’t worry about her. But for the most part Laura is happy and lives life to the fullest.
I wish I had friend like Laura
by Lolololololololjkjk August 13, 2019
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The most caring, loyal and trustworthy person you will ever meet, the best friend you could ever have! She is shy with people she doesn't know, but is really a super crazy, hyper and happy person. Is usually positive, but some things can bring her down. Everyone loves her, and if they don't they are probably just jealous of her. If your sad, she will always cheer you up by being crazy, and her laugh makes you laugh!
Gotta love that Laura!
by sbc13 December 18, 2013
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Laura: Laura is the true definition of a go getter with the ultimate and personalities. She's a lover a fighter for everything she believes in. When she loves you she loves you with everything she has. She continues to do this even with everything that she's been through in her life. She's kind of a big deal. Laura's are the type that went walking into a room the crowd stops and stares and her amazing Beauty and funny Whimsical personality. Women and mann alike feel comfortable went around Laura. True definition in short an angel from the heavens above with everything you could ever want in a woman.
Not just anyone can be a Laura!!
by W84max November 13, 2017
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A girl who is beautiful but doesn’t believe that she is , she is very sensitive. She is friends with everyone , particularly tha popular crowd . She always likes someone. Don’t mess with a laura because they seem all petite and sweet but when u mess with them they can beat the shit outta you
Oh , look at that Laura , she’s so beautiful.
by Idkwhatiwantmynametobe1234 March 16, 2018
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A beauty obsession of many. Many hate on her while they secretly love her. She’s sophisticated and witty. An unshakable muse with class.
Laura Muse Talented Fiercewoman Inspiring
by Manlymaninlove January 23, 2018
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