To hook up in any sense; make out, fondle, have intercourse, etc.
I haven't mingled in over two months, way too long!!
by Yxar July 11, 2010
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talk to ppl, talk to ya friends
At da party tonight just mingle with ppl
by sum1 June 21, 2003
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To pro-actively engage in discourse with fellow patrons attending an event
Johnny was sick of talking to Mikey at the party, so he went to mingle with a group of fine ass bitches ready for coitus.
by momgoloid June 24, 2003
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Adjective - An individual's relationship state in which they are single but would like to sow their oats with no strings attached.

Etymology - Married individuals that commit adultery have a mentality that it's ok because there's no commitment involved. Combining the adulterous mentality of the word married, the end goal of staying single and embracing the word play of the word 'to mingle'.
Lisa: "So, do you have a girlfriend?"
John: "Nah, i've been mingle for several months now"
by Harrison Waller August 31, 2006
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It took me a week to rid myself of that mingle
by bigwizz February 4, 2005
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Noun: a totally awesome dude that you find in a crowded bar when you least expect it. one whose boyish charm will reel you in. once you lock eyes with him, you know he's a keeper. his dreamy aura and witty personality will certainly win you over. he may not have much to say...but his kiss says a lot.
"I can't wait to go out tonight with the girls. I hope I find myself a mingle!"
by AlwaysFallHard February 4, 2010
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