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1)to talk to a group of people you don't know.
2) to get to know people
3) walking over to a group of people and listening to them gossip and puttin a few mean words in here and there
Lady"Go over there and mingle with the girls"
Girl"Mingle , i don't understand that word, your lango confuses me" (laughs inside cuz she really knows what mingles is she just doesn't want to do it)
by Master Bator June 24, 2003
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To hook up in any sense; make out, fondle, have intercourse, etc.
I haven't mingled in over two months, way too long!!
by Yxar July 11, 2010
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1. A way to meet new people.
2. A hybrid between networking and hooking up.

*When you mingle you are meeting people of the same or opposite sex to either become a work contact, end up in a relationship with, or just say that you met them (and have a future place to stay when in the area for the night).

*If you remember to go into a mingle situation with an open mind, and not instantly decide if they're going to be a hookup that night, for example, you will have a better time actually meeting them.

*Who mingles? Mostly women and gay men.
Hey, this crowd is dull, let's mingle!
by Heidi. January 03, 2007
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People of the opposite or same sex that live together as a married couple but are actually single.
Following their divorces John and Mary vowed to never marry again and have been happily living together as mingles.
by MrCalico May 25, 2009
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talk to ppl, talk to ya friends
At da party tonight just mingle with ppl
by sum1 June 21, 2003
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1.One who is constantly mingling, usually awkward and/or eccentric. The one person in the room people usually do not want to be there, but still keeps showing up at the most inopportune time.

2. A nickname for a person with the last name "Ingles", and a first name starting with "M"
1. *whispered frantic yell* Mingles! Fuck! It's Mingles!

2. That Mingles guy is such a mingles!
by Tobias Longshot November 13, 2010
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