the act of forcing shit out of the way so you can have anal sex.
In going to have to give you a quick nudging before I fuck you in the ass.
by Decon frost June 25, 2020
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When your girl/guy best friend see's a guy/girl who looks worse than you. You Nudge Nudge him/her which is an action done with your elbow slowly hitting theirs to signify that you ship them with an uglier person so they know your worth
Him/Her : *see's a guy/her who looks shit*
You :*Nudge Nudge* I bet he'll/she'll treat you right.
by Stayr4d January 15, 2019
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East coast term used to identify a police officer, the term 'nudge' is used as a form of street code to alert people of a police officer's presence without tipping off the officer that any wrong-doing is going down.
When I grow up daddy, I want to be a nudge just like you.

It's a tough job being a nudge, but someone's gotta do it.

I can't accept that bribe, I'm an honest nudge.

You want the nudge!? You can't HANDLE the NUDGE!
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When your spooning and she decides she wants a bit and pushes her bum against you !
If you fancy a but give me the nudge !!
by Jtk2016 February 2, 2016
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Someone who is bothersome or irritating, sort of like a pain in the %#@, but you're saying it with a touch of love.
When my friend Kim starts working my nerves about things, I tell her that she needs to stop being a Nudge
by Christine A. November 15, 2006
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