With its roots originating in north inner city Dublin (circa 1980), the word "spa" remains prevalent amongst Irish youth today.

Spa is an abbreviation of the word spastic which is a medical condition related to muscle spasm or cerebral palsy, however it is important to note that the word spa is not to be taken as offensive to sufferers of these conditions.

It is more commonly used as a light hearted insult regarding idiotic behaviour.

An American equivalent might be asshole while the British counterpart might be plonker.
"George Bush is a complete spa!"
by Mee Julie January 1, 2009
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Irish slang for an idiot. For extra scumbag points make it into spanner.
Everyone in Munster is an inbred SPA
by brittas bay July 25, 2005
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Areas in Houston, TX where people go for a spa massage and afterwards some sex through prostitution. Usually it's $50 for a massage and blowjob or $100 for a massage and sex.
Damn lets go to that spa, I need to get some booty tonight!
by meltdown January 25, 2005
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Spa, is another word used for the word friend. Commonly used by chavs in South Wales, it is commonly thought to have come from the Newport area, home to Goldie Lookin Chain, which also use the word regularly in their songs.
"Arite spa?!?! Hows it fukin' goin' mate? Got ne fags?"
by Smurfy16 December 2, 2005
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Abbreviation of spadge, meaning 'friend', used by the townie scum element of South Wales.
"Oh spa, check out the three-spoke alloys I've put on my Vauxhall Nova."
by ^Azrael^ July 25, 2004
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idiot, fool

abbreviation of spastic, physically or mentally impaired (e.g., Christy Brown of My Left Foot)
Don't ask him; he's a complete spa.
by mellymel June 10, 2004
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Word used in conjunction with the phrase "you knows it."
by Anonymous December 10, 2002
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