inebriated; inappropriately wasted
I got so hamboned with Joe last night, I don't even remember how I got home.
by mlehoopah June 2, 2010
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the act of being so drunk that your floating somewhere between hammered and fucked aka boned.
dude 20 bucks says shes gonna be hamboned after that funnel of wine

we might be drunk but hes sooo hamboned right now he cant even figure out the concept of shoes right now
by liquid524 December 5, 2009
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Too sleep with a girl who is 5 minutes away from throwing up and passing out at the party.
Guy 1: that slute is way too drunk
Guy 2: you're right dude, now's my chance

*fucks her in a laundry room next to liter box and leaves right before she throws up in it and herself*
Guy 1: damn I can't believe you just hamboned her like that
by Tsunami Bahama August 15, 2014
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A series of rythmic slaps and pats on the body to create music. Can also be used to fend off muggers.
You finna mug me bro? Hamboning could save your life one day ya know.
by Apache99 March 2, 2018
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Smack your hands against your body repeatedly, mainly the torso to chest area, and continue to smack hands on body and say "hambooooniiinngggg" in Rigby's voice from Regular Show.
Mordecai: No...
Rigby: HAMBONING WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE ONE DAY!!!! It'll be like "what! you tried to mug me?"
*proceeds to hambone for 20 seconds*
Mordecai: NO! We're not doing that, okay!? Okay!?
Rigby: Fine...
by ayyywasupdoe January 29, 2020
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A series of rhythmic slaps and pats on the body to create music. Can also be used to fend off muggers
Steven Hickman is the ultiamate hamboner

Rigby: "It'll be all like what, you tryin to mug me? *begins hamboning*"
by ShadowTheX September 10, 2010
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