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the thing on the ad surrounding you while browsing this page
UD: Buy a mug for your uncle Steve!
Me: My uncle just passed away
by I used my real name for my acc December 7, 2021
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mug can be used to replace any noun regarding to a place
person 1: "she is here"
person 2: "she's up in this mug"

*person leaving a place* "I'm out this mug!"
by swaggingmug June 14, 2019
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1. the face

2. to attack and rob someone
Those bastards tryed to mug my parents again.
by Light Joker May 15, 2006
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...too look at someone w/ a hard glare
did ya see that fool at the park....he tried ta "mug" me, but i wasnt gonna flinch for that bitch
by you1000 March 13, 2008
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describes person who is stupid, or being treated like they stupid

mugging off - to take the piss out of someone
"you fuckin mug"
"you treating me like a mug m8, u can fuck rite off"
"you mugging me off in front of my pals" - beat line in football factory
by londoncunt February 13, 2005
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