Noun - A state of being under the influence of one's favorite drug. Taken from the Nirvana song 'Sappy' which has a chorus of "You're in a laundry room" over and over. Despite the song's meaning having nothing to do with the slang definition, the term was coined under the influence of a good deal of acid.
"Yo, you trippin' man?"
"Yeah, I'm in a laundry room"

"Hey, where's Jeff the junkie?"
"Don't even bother, he's in a laundry room right now."
by RedKennedy November 24, 2008
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When you are doing laundry, the sound that your dryer makes while running and at the same time you are playing music.
I was doing some laundry, so I turned the radio on and was listing to Lil' Wayne, and then I turned the dryer on, so that sound gave me some nice deep laundry room bass.
by J doesn't repeat! August 30, 2011
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Hey, she let me finish in the laundry room!


I finished a load with some lint.
by Rickits91 February 21, 2022
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A slang term referring to the small room in call of duty that consists of washing and drying machines. Key term used in the classic mini game cops and robbers to scare the cops.
Cop: “Where is everyone?”
Robber *whispering*: “ laundry room ”
by Jake22222222 March 22, 2019
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A man the age of 20-25 running through a hotel laundry room naked trying to see how long he can go without getting caught.
Jimmy was as slippery at yesterday's laundry room gauntlet run as a buttery dildo up someone's arse.
by LongDotDong March 25, 2016
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