a vibrator with a rythm.
man: your mom's vibrator has a rythmic to it.
other guy: I know bro.
by lolface16216377372783278r93265 February 11, 2014
When you think you're above all that rapper shit but still rap, generally used by wack rappers to make themselves feel better.
Dude 1: "Yeah so i'm a rythmic lyricist these days".
Dude 2: "Bitch you can barely rap, fuck off with that high society shit".
by TLC-NoScrubs May 15, 2018
When you hear or are listening to a catchy song or piece of music while fapping, and start moving your hand to the beat. You will often be able to hold your load longer which os always a plus.
"Turn of jacob i really want to blow my load before mum walks in, this rythmic masturbation is really annoying."
by Butt plug joey March 22, 2017
"Hes been listening to music for 13 hour straight no cap! Swear mans is a rythmic head"
by lilboi577 October 15, 2020
A term given to one that has trouble dancing or keeping a Rhythm. Also given to those who cannot do anything at a certain pace or beat. Generally considered an insult among drummers and dancers.
Girl: -stumbles during dance routine-
Boy: Why'd you stumble on such an easy thing?
Girl: -shrugs- I guess i'm Rythmically Retarded.

Drummer 1: Dude, who is that Rythmically Retarded drummer over there?
Drummer 2: Oh, he's a n00b.
by Ianyomo March 31, 2010