When you think you're above all that rapper shit but still rap, generally used by wack rappers to make themselves feel better.
Dude 1: "Yeah so i'm a rythmic lyricist these days".
Dude 2: "Bitch you can barely rap, fuck off with that high society shit".
by TLC-NoScrubs May 15, 2018
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When you hear or are listening to a catchy song or piece of music while fapping, and start moving your hand to the beat. You will often be able to hold your load longer which os always a plus.
"Turn of jacob i really want to blow my load before mum walks in, this rythmic masturbation is really annoying."
by Butt plug joey March 21, 2017
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A term given to one that has trouble dancing or keeping a Rhythm. Also given to those who cannot do anything at a certain pace or beat. Generally considered an insult among drummers and dancers.
Girl: -stumbles during dance routine-
Boy: Why'd you stumble on such an easy thing?
Girl: -shrugs- I guess i'm Rythmically Retarded.

Drummer 1: Dude, who is that Rythmically Retarded drummer over there?
Drummer 2: Oh, he's a n00b.
by Ianyomo March 31, 2010
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